50+ Captain Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you enjoy a good quiz? So do we! We have compiled over 50 of the best trivia questions from around the world and put them in one place for your enjoyment. This is no ordinary boring quiz though. These are Captain Trivia Questions and Answers where everyone has a chance to be captain (or crew) of their own boat on this journey through human history, geography, science and more.

captain trivia quiz questions and answers
Skeleton Island

Female captain



Rachel Garret

Emlyn Hughes 

Captain Kirk mask

Captain Kirk mask

Earl Grey Hot

Bernard hill

Captain Sensible


Sherlock Holmes disguises

The Mayflower

Henry Cooper Cliff Morgan 

Captain Kangaroo

Captain Of The Titanic


English channel

English Channel

Captain america



Bill Beaumont 

Mike Gatting 

Captain Nemo

Captain corelli’s mandolin

Sam Torrance 

Tom Baker

Bobby moore

Charles darwin

Charles Darwin

Captain Cook 

Keith Mitchell

Captain Beefheart

Captain cook

Captain cook

Jeremy Beadle

Captain george vancouver

Miles standish


Captain Matthew Webb

Captain Matthew Webb