35+ Desert Trivia Questions and Answers

The desert can be a desolate and unforgiving place, but it also teems with fascinating life. Deserts cover about one third of the earth’s surface and are home to some of the world’s most interesting animals. There are many myths surrounding deserts, such as the idea that they have no water or plants. This is not true—some deserts may only get rain once every few years while others receive more than 60 millimeter each year!

desert trivia quiz
Desert sandstorm

Desert sandstorm

Desert sandstorm

Desert sandstorm

40 days

James mason




Kalahari Desert in Botswana

Sons of the desert


The gobi desert gobi desert


Sahara desert

The Sahara 

Las vegas

Desert Island Discs 

Desert Fox

Rock the casbah

North Africa

Death Valley

Mojave desert

Thomas Gray

Mrs Thathchers Son Mark