120+ People & Places Trivia Questions with Answers

Do you think that you are the master of geographical knowledge? If so, then this trivia challenge is for you. There are 120+ trivia quiz questions and answers about people and places around the world. With each question, you get the answer on click. So, this is a perfect place if you are looking for some new trivia knowledge or want to play a people and places trivia game.

Did you know that the food in Spain was influenced by Muslim culture? Or that China has been using “face recognition” since 2009 to identify criminal suspects? Keep reading to find out more!

people and places trivia quiz questions with answers
The Cavern 

Theodore Roosevelt 

Woody Allan

Judy Garland

Elton John

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan



Root beer

His Thesaurus Of Words 

His Thesaurus Of Words 


In A Plane Crash 

World Wide Web 

Margaret Thatcher 




Speaking Clock Voice 

Jeff & Beau 

Paul Hogan 

They all Had Red Hair 

They All are Or Were Illegitimate 

Orenthal James 



Being A Great Train Robber 


Marvin Lee Aday 


Desert Island Discs 

A Novocastrian 

Clyde Barrow & Bonnie Parker 

Baker Street, london


On The Moon 

Omar Sharif 

Hugh Grant 

Kim Bassinger 

General Galtieri 

Ian Wright 

Norman Collier 

Alfred Hitchcock 

Lester Piggot 

Mariah Carey 


Paul Merton 

Ian Botham (Beefy Botham) 

Phil Tuffnel 



Hugh Grant 


Brian Walden, Robert Kilroy Silk 

Florence Nightingale 

Charlie Chaplin 

Stan Collymore 

Eric Cantona 

George Best 

Bill Gates 


Sean Connery 

King Canute 

King Canute 

Jeremy Thorpe 

Brian Clough 

Ken Livingstone 

Micheal Hestletine 

John Prescott 

Tony Blaire 

Maggie Philpin 

Robert Maxwell 

Boy George 

Boy George 

Elle McPherson 

Dennis Lillee 

Mohammed Al Fayed 

Bjorn Borg 

Tim lawrence 

Hugh Hefner 

Hugh Hefner 

Humphery Davy 

Paul Gascoigne 

Vanessa Redgrave 

Blake Edwards 

Emma Thompson 

Stevie Wonder 

Cyril Smith 

Ian Botham 

John Profumo 

Charlotte Church 

Spike Milligan 

William Roache (Ken Barlow) 

Indiri Gandhi 

Freddie Mercury 

Gerry Adams 

Marilyn Monroe 

Marilyn Monroe 

Lauren Bacall 

Al Capone 

Bing Crosby 

Bing Crosby 

Mike Tyson 

George Bush 

George Bush 

Neil Armstrong 

Prince Charles 

Julian Clarey 

Buzz Aldrin 

Billy The Kid 

Barbara Cartland 

Bud Abbott 

Michael Foot 

Bob Geldof & Paula Yates 

Leslie Crowther 


Mrs Thathchers Son Mark 

Harold Wilson