50+ Tech & Video Games Trivia Questions with Answers

Whether you’re a tech nerd or just a video game fan, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this tech trivia quiz post.

We have compiled 50 questions and answers that will test your knowledge on everything from computer operating systems to gaming consoles.

Whether you are looking to impress your co-workers at the next office party or want some extra points during trivia night at your local pub, these are the perfect questions for any occasion!

Tech & Video Games Trivia quiz Questions with Answers

Claire, Leon, Ada, and Chris

An Ostritch

Spread Gun

Mega Man 4

Chaos, Emperor from Hell, Dark Cloud, Zeromus, Deathgyunos, Kefka, Sephiroth, and Ultimecia

Philips CD-I


ToeJam and Earl

Robotic Operating Buddy

International Business Machines

Compact Disk Read Only Memory

Light Emitting Diode

Times (faster than standard speed)

Playing cards

A turtle

Internet relay chat


Flame Whip

To slow down typing rates


Windows 286



Shigeru Miyamoto

Bell X-1

The Crystal Method

Hong Kong

Dr. Light

Nobuo Uematsu

Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds

Chris Sawyer